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The Best Satellite and Aerial Installation Company on Merseyside 


A tv aerial installation may initially seem like a simple task. The fact is it requires not just the ability to climb a ladder, but also choosing the right equipment for the job. Whether it's a rooftop Antenna or simply one that we may install on your wall or in your loft area, all of our engineers are equipped with a range of equipment so that we can supply you with the perfect solution for the job in hand. We aim to ensure you get a digital signal pass level, so you can receive quality digital signal levels, even in the poorest of reception areas. And having CAI+ status, as members of the Confederation of Aerial Industries, it is your guarantee of the standard of our workmanship, and also guarantees that ALL the equipment we use, including the the cable downlead to your tv / Set Top Box is  "CAI Approved ".

We may not be the cheapest in the industry, but cheapest is not always best, as i am sure you would agree from maybe some past experiences you may have had with aerial companies, from time to  time. We have now moved from terrestrial analogue TV to digital Freeview in the North West, and more and more people are encountering difficulties because for the most part, aerials older than say five years aren't always compatible. As your Freeview Installation experts, we can ensure that when you do get a set top box, you won't be missing out on countless TV channels pixelising or freezing due to an incompatible aerial or inferior cable having been used on your installation in the past. We can also advise you on any possible worries you may have had regarding the recent digital switchover, or if you have experienced any problems since.


Motorised Satellite Installation Experts


Whilst we're experts at providing aerial and satellite installations in Merseyside and the surrounding areas, we're fully experienced in supplying and installing fixed or motorised systems, whether you have purchased the products from us or not. This means that if you need to watch a European or Football Channel, or want to learn a foreign language, or XXX channels, or just want Sky, Sky+, Sky+ HD or Freesat, our company can get you anything you want to watch in no time at all including  most foreign viewing cards. We're also good at helping you through any satellite problems you may be encountering, and can install multi-room satellite and aerial systems so that you can watch different channels in every room of your home, if you want to. We can also offer an annual maintenance of your tv aerial or satellite system, please ask for details.


With over 100s of channels, Freesat is growing all the time, Freesat is becoming a great alternative to Freeview. With free High Definition viewing and with more and more channels going to be added, it's proving to be popular in areas where terrestrial digital coverage is poor. For the unlucky few that really do live in a poor reception area, Freesat is now both an affordable and effective alternative. With our team of highly skilled satellite and aerial engineers, we are ready and here to help you along. Whether it's to watch Sky, Freesat or any thing else that we can inject into your tv system to feed any number of tv`s you may have, including cameras etc. Merseysat`s team of expert Engineers can provide you with everything you need.


Commercial Installations


Twenty five years ago, Merseysat focused themselves on becoming Merseysides most professional Aerial & Satellite Installation company. With our highly skilled team of engineers we set out, and acheived, to be where we are today.With extensive experience in working closely with the construction industry as well as many government agencies, hotels, hospitals, schools, prisons, builders, electricians, pubs, clubs etc. we've installed aerials, satellite and cctv systems, just about anywhere, nothing seems impossible, up to now, anyway. When you need top quality workmanship and you need it now, there really is only one company to choose, and that's Merseysat.